Zimtstange Innovationen GmbH
Große Mohrengasse 23
1020 Vienna

contact: [email protected]
Phone: +43 67761796544

UID-Nummer: ATU79433935
Firmebuchnummer: FN602170w (Handelsgericht Wien)
IBAN: FI65 7997 7996 6651 91
WKO Mitgliedsnummer: 0558248

Object of the enterprise: Production of ornamental and decorative objects in the arts and crafts sector from base metals, wire, plaster, wood, horn, plastic, leather, textile materials, straw, paper and glass elements as well as by threading precious stones, silver, glass, plastic and felt elements and the painting of wood, ceramics, porcelain, silk, textiles and billets, excluding activities reserved for surface technology, metal design, carpentry, glazing, sculpture and other regulated trades.

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